Kabsons là Công ty chuyên sản xuất thiết bị dùng gas (LPG), được thành lập năm 1974 tại Ấn Độ (India). Các sản phẩm gồm có:

Sản xuất vỏ bình gas, van điều áp, van gas công nghiệp... được quản lý theo Tiểu chuẩn ISO:9001. Đặc biệt, dòng van gas an toàn rất được ưa chuộng tại Việt Nam.

At Kabsons we aim at being quality driven manufacturers of LPG and Natural Gas Equipment. We have been in this business since 1974. Today Kabsons is a complete solution provider for top quality products like LPG Cylinder, LPG regulators, Valves, Fittings, Adaptors and Natural Gas Regulators. Backed by 4 decades of experience and a well trained Design & Development, Manufacturing, Quality and Marketing team. Our manufacturing units comply to international standards.


Kabsons is a One stop shop for all your LPG and Natural gas needs. All the products are designed and manufactured as per international as well as country specific standards, with strict adherence to Quality Management Systems (QMS) as per ISO:9001.

We believe, that customer is king thus we would like to provide the customer with the following:

  • Quality products which exceed international standards.
  • Product safety like no other Long term and trouble free usage of products with the help of visible marking and good finish.
  • Supplying of goods on time, as per schedule.

Kabsons believes in the Philosophy:

“Giving the customer what he wants rather then what we have”

Kabsons employees are family member. Our family members are the back bone of our industry. We aim at providing a friendly and safe work environment for them.

Kabsons Group of Companies:

  • Kabsons Gas Equipment Pvt. Ltd.: Manufactures Valves, Regulators, Adopters and Meter Governors. Gasolec Appliances Pvt. Ltd.: Manufactures LPG Cylinders, Stove attachments, Refrigerant cylinder and LPG Manifolds.
  • Prakun Equipment Pvt. Ltd.: Manufactures electronic devices such as alcohol detectors, Burglar alarms and gas leak detectors.
  • All products can be customized according to customer requirements.

Other Sister Concerns which were formed as a part of the initial group of companies:

  • Ideal Engineering Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd. – established in 1969
  • LATA Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd - establishes in 1976
  • PKL Ltd. – Formally known as Primus Kabsons Limited, established in 1984
  • Kabsons Industries Ltd.